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Q1. Why PlanBessays?
We are a global company specializing in university education system in Australia USA, UK, Canada, NZ and other countries. We are a boutique company formed by former students who know how much pain assignment writing can be. We do assignments and essays from scratch that are custom written for you. No assignment is too big or small for us. PlanBessays.com is by no means a huge company so we won’t ignore you. But we are experienced enough in the custom writing, so to assist you in determining the right way to write quality assignments and essays.

Q2. Will the assignment/essay be counted as plagiarized?
No. We provide custom assignments that are a study aid. It is your responsibility to do appropriate referencing including mentioning use of our help. We work with clients in different countries and thus suggest that you refer to your educational institutes for plagiarism policies. However, from our end you can be sure that we do not resell our work and each assignment is unique in its content, references, style, pattern and layout.

Q3. How should you use the assignment?
Use it as s study aid to see how an actual correct assignment should be done. We advise our custom assignment should be used as a reference only, and should be duly referenced in your final submission. Also though full care is taken to complete work on time, PlanBessays.com holds no responsibility if our work is delayed due to factors beyond our control like IT system crash, virus attacks, natural calamity, server faults, medical conditions of writers, etc.

Q4. How will the student benefit?
By getting a professionally written assignment or essay from us, you will get a well presented and well researched assignment from our experienced researchers. Our researchers are mostly postgraduates with both academic and professional experience, and are experts in writing custom assignments. You will get a good paper with cheap prices and value for money.

Q5. How much time will it take to finish an assignment?
That will depend upon factors like subject complexity, assignment length and due date. We have experienced researchers who work under strict guidelines 2 days to 28 days. We complete over 98% of assignments on time and if there is a unforeseen delay we advise you asap.

Q6. How can you make the payments?
You can pay via credit card, Cash deposit, Paypal, money bookers, bank transfer to Westpac bank or Western Union, etc.

Q7. Where do we collect assignment reference information from?
From the best academic journals, books and credible websites to make your paper complete.

Q8. Do we provide a refund?
Only in a highly unlikely scenario of where we cannot do your assignment, we will refund.

Q9. What is our privacy policy?
We collect and store all information with strict privacy and we will keep your details fully confidential. We do not disclose information about our clients to anyone. PlanBessays.com views the personal privacy of users as an important issue, and is committed to maintaining the security of personal information provided to our users in accessing us. We collect the information volunteered by you, such as survey information, e-mail address, phone number, etc. PlanBessays.com also uses this information in order to provide you with a personalized experience when you visit us. The content of this Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time, so we suggest that you return to the website on a regular basis and carefully read the information provided

Q10. What are your responsibilities?
To get the best use of our service, please prove specs upfront with reference material (if any) and along with any specific instructions including do’s and dont’s for your assignment. Once we start the assignment writing, it is difficult to change specs half way, so please send all information that will be useful for the writers to do a good essay